1968 Mustang

The 1968 Ford Mustang received a simpler grille and side trim and a limited number of 427 engines were slipped into the engine bays. These 427 engines were slightly detuned but still cranked out 390bhp, enough to strike fear on the streets. Then on April 1, 1968, Ford unveiled perhaps its most famous line of engines, the 428 Cobra Jet. It was based on the regular 428 but included larger valve heads, the race 427’s intake manifold, and an oil-pan windage tray.

It had ram-air induction and breathed through a functional hood scoop. Output was listed at 335bhp but was rumoured to be around 410bhp. The Shelby’s were still available, joined by an available convertible model and renamed the Shelby Cobra. The GT-350 dropped its 289 cid 306 bhp engine and gained a 302 cid 250 bhp engine. Midway through the year, the GT-500 was dropped and was replaced by the GT-500KR (“King of the Road”). The GT-500KR sported the new Ram Air 428 Cobra Jet, still underrated at 335 bhp.

2D Hardtop: 249,447
Fastback: 42,581
Convertible: 25,376

Engines: 200 I6 115 bhp.
200 I6 120 bhp.
289 V8 195 bhp.
289 V8 271 bhp.
302 V8 230 bhp.
(Shelby Cobra GT-350) 302 V8 250 bhp.
390 V8 320 bhp.
390 V8 325 bhp.
427 V8 390 bhp.
(Cobra Jet) 428 V8 335 bhp @ 5400 rpm (est. 410bhp), 440 lb-ft @ 3400rpm.
(Shelby Cobra GT-500) 428 V8 350 bhp.

(Cobra Jet) 428/335: 0-60 in 5.4 sec, 1/4 mile in 14.01@101mph