1967 Mustang

1967 saw a massive restyle of the Ford Mustang. Changes included bulkier sheetmetal below the beltline, a more aggressive grille, a concave tail panel, and a full fastback roofline for the fastback body style. The engine compartment was also increased and Ford dropped in its big block 390 to compete against the new Chevrolet Camaro SS396. Although the 390 was slightly detuned for the Mustang, its popularity sealed the end of the high performance 289 cid engine, which was later dropped from the lineup. Of greater interest to enthusiasts was the availablitity of another Shelby-tuned Mustang. The GT350 was still powered by a modified 289 V8, though output dropped to 290bhp. The new GT500 was powered by a reworked 428 V8 (some were reportedly built with the even more powerful, race ready 427 V8). The 1967 Shelby’s were more civilized and sported numerous luxury options, which seemed to appeal to buyers. These would be the last Shelby Mustangs actually built by Shelby-American. All future models would be built by Ford with little Shelby involvement.

2D Hardtop: 356,271
Fastback: 71,042
Convertible: 44,808

200 I6 115 bhp.
200 I6 120 bhp.
289 V8 195 bhp.
289 V8 271 bhp.
(Shelby GT350) 289 V8 290 bhp.
390 V8 320 bhp.
(Shelby GT500) 428 V8 355bhp@5400rpm,

(Shelby GT500) 428/355: 0-60 in 6.2 sec,1/4 mile in 14.6 sec @ 99mph.